10 Things That Happen Every Time You Do a Cat Eye

Beauty junkies and rookies alike know that right now, the look to have down pat is the cat eye. Flattering on just about everyone, learning how to do a cat eye has become a staple in every girl’s beauty arsenal. With that learning comes a lot of trial and error, though, as figuring out how to get your winged eyeliner right every time takes a whole lot of practice. Whether you’re in the midst of training yourself with YouTube tutorials or you’re an old pro, these are the 10 things that are bound to happen every time you do a cat eye.

1. You run out of Q-tips. These things are a godsend when it comes to fixing up the outer flicks of your cat eye, and you always seem to run out (or lose them altogether) when you need them the most.

2. You search Pinterest for a tutorial. There has to be an easier way. Maybe there’s a tool you’re not using? Whatever it is, there will be a Pin.

3. You open your eyes before the liner is dry. Rule #1 when using liquid liner: Keep your eyes closed for a minute after you’re done for dry time. No one really pays attention to this, though, and we all end up with slick black liner in our creases.

4. You try the tape trick. Oldest trick in the book? Putting clear tape at an angle against your eye to draw a perfect wing. This almost always ends in hurting your skin tearing the tape off.

5. That one tiny speck of mascara ruins the line. Just after you get the lash line smooth and perfect, you apply mascara and get a speck of black on your lid, just above where the eyeliner ends. Good luck surgically fixing that with a Q-tip.

6. You sneeze. It’s like your nose times it or something. The worst.

7. Liner gets all over your fingers, which then gets all over the rest of your face. Just accept that this will be happening and budget in some extra time for the clean up. It’s inevitable.

8. You paint a couple of eyelashes together. If you’re using a liquid liner with a brush and pot, your eyelashes will undoubtedly wind up stuck together somewhere along your lash line.

9. When your wings are magically even on both sides, you tell the world. Snap chats, Instagrams, text messages, and Pins will be happening because you deserve it.

10. Your friends compliment your makeup. Bask in the glory, people, because your hard work paid off.

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