3 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Hot Weather

Looking great as the temperatures rise is not always an easy feat. While we’re trying to look “dewy” instead of downright sweaty, we also to have worry about how frizzy (and well, let’s face it, sometimes just sticky or wet) our hair is getting. To battle that problem on the hottest of summer days, we often find ourselves throwing our hair up – but many times aren’t sure how to make it actually still look cute. That’s where the experts come in – we sought out help from Michael Dueñas, Celebrity Hairstylist and CEO of Hair Room Service, to find out what his tips were for surviving even the worst of summer’s heat wave, and he gave us a few great go-to styles, below.

A Carefree Bun:
“Putting your hair up in the summer is the easiest way to deal with the weather. It is hot, it is sticky and it is just plain gross! Not all of your hair has to go up, but if you want to feel good, most of it should! Start by spraying your hair with a beach salt spray, try OSiS+ Session Label Salt Spray, while your hair is wet. Once dry and the texture is there to stay, pull your hair back into a low, loose bun. Secure the bun with an elastic and some pins. Once the bun is secured, pull some pieces out from the top by your hairline, by your sideburn and just by your ear. Then, take the ends of your bun and pull them slightly out. This will create a carefree look, and not your typical “I am too lazy so I am putting my hair into a bun” look.”

A Fun Ponytail:
“For the second, put a fun spin on a ponytail. Ponytails don’t always have to be boring. Start by sectioning your hair from ear to ear. Clip the front section out of the way. Take your bottom section and make a very smooth and tight ponytail about half an inch below your top section. Now take your top section and make an extremely tight and clean ponytail just below your first ponytail. Secure extremely tight and smooth. Then simply remove the elastic from the first ponytail you created. The tension from the hair around it will hold it together. Creating a ponytail that looks like it is magically kept together!”

Twisted Braids:
“Braids are always perfect for the summer. Take a spin on Givenchy’s recent fashion week show and their wrapped braids. Split your hair down the middle in the back and braid your hair into pigtails. Gather your pigtails together and twist them around one another horizontally. Creating what looks like a cylinder or braids that has no beginning or ending. Secure with a few bob pins and that’s it!”

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