Drug Named “Snapchat” Wreaking Havoc in Australia

Authorities in Australia’s Northern Territory have issued a warning after a drug called Snapchat sent four men in Darwin to the hospital over the weekend.

For the record, this is not a reference to the image-sharing app people love to swap dirty photos on, there’s an actual pill that’s been dubbed Snapchat that’s said to be made from the same ingredients as bath salts. However, the pills—which come in a green-speckled blue and pink—do bear the Snapchat logo.

According to CNET, one of the four men was sent to the intensive care unit. This marks the second-consecutive weekend that people have been hospitalized after using the drug, increasing the number of victims to “at least” eight, CNET adds.

Peter Shiller, Active Superintendant of the Drug and Organised Crime Division, told the ABC that the public should avoid the drug at all costs. “You certainly don’t want to be putting this in your body,” he said. “It’s nothing new—this Snapchat is a new logo, [but] it’s the same poison.”

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