Five Quick Fitness Tips

Nike master trainer Sonja Moses shares five quick fitness tips for revision and beyond. 

  1. ENERGISER – Ninja Burpee. A great move to keep your energy levels up and get the blood flowing to your brain. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, knees bent and your fists in front of your face. Quickly drop into a push-up position on the floor, then immediately spring back up into the start position. Keep this going for one minute. Tip:  Keep your core tight when transitioning up and down off the floor.
  2. FOCUS – Slow Side KickFocus and sharpen your mind with this martial arts-inspired move. Keep breathing and counting slowly to stay relaxed.
    Begin in a single leg stance with one leg flexed in front with the thigh parallel to the floor. Perform a slow side kick with the leg off the ground, return to the start position – without touching the floor – and repeat 10 times on the same leg. Switch legs and repeat.
    Tips: Remember to keep your core tight and keep your gaze to the front, don’t look at the floor. Focusing on a single point will help you to keep balance. Do the kicks as slowly as possible and use a count of two out and two back for each kick.
  3. STRESS BUSTER – Spider Woman Swivel Hips to Press-UpGet your heart pumping and body sweating to reduce your stress levels, while working both your upper and lower body.
    Begin in a push-up position with feet together and hands underneath the shoulders. Jump one foot up and outside of the hand on the same side of the body and then quickly jump back to the start position. Drop down into a push-up and push back up into start position. Repeat the move on the opposite side.
    Tips:  Don’t let your lower back arch and keep your neck in a neutral position, with eyes slightly ahead of you on the floor. Keep your elbows near your sides – don’t let them flare out. Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears.
  4. POWER ACTIVATE – Hip Lift/Bridge with Leg LiftsActivate your glutes to firm and lift, ready to hit the beach when exams have finished.Lie on your back with your arms at your side and your knees bent with your heels on the floor. Squeeze your glutes, keep your stomach tight and slowly press the hips off the floor until your torso is in a straight line. When in the top ‘bridge’ position, straighten one knee to raise your leg into the air. Keeping the leg raised, lower and lift using the supporting leg only. Repeat five times before releasing the raised leg to the floor and switching to repeat on the other leg. Stabilise with both feet back on the floor and lower the hips slowly back into the starting position of lying flat on the floor with both knees bent.
    Tips: Squeeze your glutes and keep your abs tight. Push through your hips and don’t arch your back. Imagine there’s a steel rod connecting your left and right hip bones so that they stay level at all times.
  5. PARTY LEGS – Cross Back Lunge and SquatThink ahead to when exams have finished and summer parties can begin.Stand tall and take your weight onto one leg. Squat down on the stance leg into an athletic position keeping your heel on the ground and pushing your hips back. Step your other leg behind the supporting leg and lunge the knee down keeping your chest tall. Try to get the knee to touch the floor behind the heel of the supporting leg. Drive yourself up from the lunge position into a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart and squat down, pressing your hips back and down, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Stand up from the squat position and then repeat the first lunge move on the opposite leg, squatting down into an athletic position and stepping the other leg behind into a lunge.
    Tips:  Keep your spine long and your chest up. In the bottom position of the lunge try and form a straight, vertical line between your back knee, your hips and your shoulders. Keep the foot of your supporting leg flat on the floor, with weight on your heels the whole time. Don’t allow your back to round at any point.

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