iPhone Protection That Is Out Of This World | The iPhone Luna Skin by Posh Craft

The iPhone is a prized possession for most. They go through great lengths to keep their device protected. There are a variety of iPhone accessories that floss protection and coverage but the Posh Craft x Realize Design Team decided to take protection to the next level. They put their heads together to create Luna Skin, which is an iPhone skin made of concrete.

This iPhone concrete skin has a rough finish with areas that appear to be cut out or “depressed’, similar to the surface of the moon. The handmade skins have their own unique craters that makes each case unique. The concrete design easily attaches to the fun and doesn’t create a bulky add-on. While this doesn’t seem like the most practical kind of iPhone case, it is pretty cool to look at. They are currently sold-out and there is no indication of when they will be stocked again. Take a look at the case below and see if this should be added to the list of “must-haves”.

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