Ten Random Make-UP Tips

1.   Take care of your skin, remember to exfoliate once a week. A smooth and nice canvass gives the best make up. Invest in a good salicylic acid face wash if your skin is acne prone. My favourite are Clearasil and Neutrogena products. On my shelf right now is Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Scrub.

2.   Always use your skin appropriate moisturizer before you apply make up. My favourite one right now is Almay clear complexion with SPF 20

3.   When buying foundation try it on your jaw line not at the back of your hand for the best colour fit.

4.   Ditch your eye pencil and start using an eye brow filler/ powder or simply apply an eye shadow  a shade or two lighter than your natural hair, with an angle brush.

5.   If you must use a pencil, please go for a colour a shade lighter than your hair natural colour. My old spa lady gave me this trick, and it sure makes the brows look better. God bless her soul.

6.   Invest in an eye brow brush, to brush your brows before and after application, gives a natural brow look.

7.   When shaping your eyebrows it is best to not go for an identical look, twinge them to look slightly different. Emphasis on the word slightly.

8.   If you are like me, when you apply eye shadow it falls to unwanted places, you can simply clean with a q-tip/cotton bud.

9.   Look out more for dermatogically endorsed/approved items and not just dermatogically tested, tested doesn’t mean it was approved.

10.   Invest in proper make up tools yes all those brushes and yes those sponges, they help you achieve a flawless finish.

Bonus:  Go Make-Up free, once in a while, let your skin breathe.

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